Sunday, February 21, 2010

El Triunfo and the Best Tasting Bread in Baja!

The Cathedral in El Triunfo dates back to 1700's and is still in use today.

Life sized horse made out of palm fronds and bark. You too could own this.

Lovely little restaurant where we had Mexican style pizza.

The dog that came for lunch - the owners Coursevor?

Wood fired pizza oven at the restaurant.

Lovely cobble stone streets. Notice the throngs of people jossling Susie as she walks along.

The other entrance to the restaurant  El Triunfo.

Chili peppers drying in the sun. Coming to a mercado near you.

A short half hour drive down the road took us to a beautiful metropolis, population 327, of El Triunfo. This was a historic gold mining town with the well preserved mission—still in use to this day—dating back to the 1700’s. On recommendation from friends we sought out the Cafe El Triunfo for a decidedly different tasting but yummy pizza cooked in a wood fired oven that looks like it has survived since the 1700’s. This cafe also produces the best tasting bread we have encountered in all of the Baja. It is a sour dough artisan loaf that has a compact and heavy weight to it but the flavour is fantastic. It is also the only purple bread we’ve ever eaten—something to do with the nuts used in it. The town of El Triunfo is an awesome example of old Mexico with cobble stone streets and locally made brick buildings and walls. Unfortunately we chose lunch over visiting the Musica Museo and it was closed for siesta when we tried to visit it after we had eaten. It just means we will have to go back to this charming town. A wander through the tumbled down mining ruins left us wishing the bricks and remaining walls could speak to us and in English. We’re sure the tales they would tell of the towns gold mining hey day would be fascinating.

So, we finally had our first shake down by the Mexican military. This is the first time we didn’t have our faithful dog with us and we are truly convinced that is the only reason why they stopped us. Normally we are quickly waved through when they spot our vicious guard/cattle dog sitting proudly between us on the back seat. In perfect English the commander politely identified himself and told us they needed to look in our car. As they were in possession of all the AK-47’s we gladly stepped aside and let them take a look. We’re sure they were utterly disappointed when the only things of interest they could find were our clean laundry and the new boogey board and polka dot sun umbrella in the dry box. As neither of these are deemed contraband they waved us on and wished us beunos dias. Despite the foreign concept of being pulled over by a bunch of guys with big guns it is not in the least disturbing as we recognize these are the guys keeping things on the up and up. They are not out to harass the tourists but are there for our protection. They are after people involved in the drug trade and the smuggling industry.

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