Sunday, February 21, 2010

Feeding Strays and Muertos Bay

It looked like they were waiting in formation - for what I don't know.

Lunch with the trillionaires at Muertos Bay.

Part of the old Spanish warf @ Muertos Bay.

Mexican Stand off!

Mom what are you doing feeding the enemy?

And I'm telling you - don't ever come back!

When we first arrived at Jodi and Mike`s property we gamely took over feeding the stray dogs that showed up at least once a day looking for anything we wanted to throw their way. Unfortunately the stray dogs quit coming around. So we took on feeding the other most common four legged critter that is constantly roaming in search of food—anything you can throw their way, the vacas (cows). Skeena did not like the idea of mom throwing good food to the cows even if it was vegetables. As it is she hates the cows because of their bells that jangle all night long keeping her and her masters awake. We watched one of these purebred, Mexican Brahma/Jersey/Hereford/Gernsey/Charlais/Chihuahua cows carefully insert its head through the small gap in the fence where the dog food dish was and snuffle around the empty dish. Obviously it has done that before because it knew just how far it could reach without hanging its horns up in the fence. I wish we could have caught that on film.

In search of a new adventure we headed out to the other side of Lighthouse point to try and pin down an excellent snorkelling beach discovered by some of our friends in the campground. The sea was too rough for snorkelling that day but we think we found the spot and will return on a calm wind day. What we did find is an excellent restaurant where you least expect it at Muertos Bay. As all of you Spanish aficionados will know Muertos means dead. How can you develop a multi-trillion dollar resort/golf course when your name is Muertos. So typical of Mexico, it was renamed ‘Bay of Dreams’. There used to be an old Spanish wharf in this protected bay as it was the only one of its type between Los Frailles and La Paz. Some of intricate stone/brick work was amazing in its detail. We partook in an awesome lunch at the beach house restaurant and hobb knobbed with some of the local colour that either had a house in the area or were moored in the calm bay out-waiting the 3 day blow on the Sea of Cortez. All in all it was a very pleasant way to spend the day. We will return again to take in some snorkelling and have another meal at the restaurant.

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