Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10 Feb 2010 - The Word of the Day is Ruminating!

Typical Baja beautiful scenery!

Some of our treasures collected on the beaches.

The best tatsting bread we've found yet and it comes in an artsy bag too!

La Paz delivery truck.

Ventana Bay resort.

I hate it when they treat me like a dog. I'm their daughter and belong in the front of the truck!

For anyone that is bothering to count we’ve been on this adventure for 94 days. There’s been a little time lapse in our updates to the blog. This is a result of the extremely poor internet access we have been experiencing yet again. It appears that when rain hits this part of the world things go wrong with the internet. We can only surmise that it might be due to electrical or electronics being exposed to the elements. Rain is not expected and therefore not planned for.

What have we been doing with our time you ask? Well, we seem to have fallen into a sort of routine of Yoga, fishing, walking on the beach, snorkelling, laying on the beach, visiting with friends, reading books, watching for whales, bird watching, and biking. However, our Magellan hats are gathering dust on the hook and we must don them and head off on more exploratory romps.

A love hate relationship with La Paz still exists in our world. However, we’ve been there enough times now that we can actually find the stores and restaurants we want to find and do all the errands we go there to do. We are able to pick up the basics we need for day to day living in El Sargeanto & La Ventana but some things you just can’t get here necessitating our trips to La Paz.

So why the word ruminating? Sitting here in El Sargento/La Ventana Mexico leaves us wondering how we came to be here at this point in our lives and where we are headed from here. If you know us well you know that we are people of action. Talking about ideas is one thing but when you actually put action into motion—now you’re talking! Both of us have been profoundly affected by losses we have suffered in the deaths of family and close friends which brings home the fact that life is not a dress rehearsal with a replay button you can push time and again to get it right. Having only one stab at it makes us want to maximize the experiences we crave. The people we’ve met and developed friendships with along this adventurous road have continued to reinforce our beliefs. So you ask—where do you go from here? Stay tuned and we’ll see.

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  1. Hey guys look up on Wednesday 3rd, see a jet, thats us flying to Manzanillo to enjoy some Mexican hospitality too :)