Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snorkeling at Punta Gorda

Susie was up early and caught the sunrise. Awe inspiring!

JD snorkeling with Isla del Ceralvo in the background - recently renamed Jacque Cousteau Island.

JD dreaming about the day he'll be doing jumps like this.

JD went snorkeling at a new beach recommended by the locals-Punta Gorda. He can see why this place is a local favourite. There were more coloured fish and more different kinds of fish than seen anywhere else to date including Cabo Pulmo. It was a cool morning as the breeze came up earlier than usual but this was okay as the water temp was unseasonably high.

As this snorkeling spot is just across from newly renamed Jacque Cousteau Island I give you the following highly scientific description of all the fish seen in a condescending but knowlegable and cute French accent as Homer Simpson or somebody said, "Those French have a different word for everything!"

I saw really small flourescent blue glowing fish, fish that look like those Tetras in the pet store, one banana fish about the size and shape of a coke bottle, green and yellow butterfly fish, purple, green & blue type butterfly fish, blackish butterfly type fish, approximately 1 million small sardinias, approximately 1 million bigger sardines, several baby groupers, prickly puffer fish, prickly sea urchins, 1 jelly fish that I swear was following me as fast as it could swim--evil thing, one golden retriever dog--unsure if it is indigineous to these waters or if it is an introduced critter and several other small taxinomically unidentified species that scurried into the rocks before I could get a scientific fix on them. Ya John, I know it's a run on sentence.

After drying off in the sun Susie & I returned to the expedition ship Calypso for an exquisite lunch of Vichy Soux and truffles, chased down with a bottle of Chateau La Fite 1942. Well actually we came back to the trailer and had yogurt and crackers, chased down with tea & coffee. But we did have the worlds biggest scallops last night chased down with a couple of fine cans of Pacifico. The French have nothing on the Spanish.

The rest of the day was spent at the good trailer Calypso with the to die for view of the Sea of Cortez as Susie worked on her mom's memoirs. Yes mom, she is finally working on them and enjoying every minute of it. JD thought about tying some flys but was soon overcome with fatigue from his underwater expedition.

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  1. why didnt u take out your fly rod, u could have spotted them underwater, made a cast then watched the take????

    jeeze, never known u to miss a good opportunity like that, maybe we could try it on the b next fall???

    Missing ya Bud,