Thursday, January 28, 2010

Things that go rattle and clank in the night!

 A typical Mexican back road meant for exploring by bike.

The view from our newest camp spot in El Sargento.

Guarding the red neck bar-b-que oven.

Skeena loves her pancakes!

The sunset view @ Los Barriles.

Dinner @ La Trinidad Restaurant with Dennis - a new friend.

Some more of the artwork @ La Trinidad RV Park.

No, the part of the Baja we are on did not slide into the ocean like the northern parts. There has been absolutely no rain where we have landed. We hope they have the northern roads fixed by April or we might have to stay longer. Just Kidding!

Afterspending 2 nights dry camping in Los Barriles we uprooted and came back to La Ventana/El Sargento. Los Barriles was beautiful of course but we quickly tired of the relentless wind that howled 24/7. While walking down the street one day we bumped into Carleen and Gary, went for lunch and took that as a sign that we should move back to La Ventana as they were only there for a few more days. It was such a bizarre feeling to drive down the road and feel like we were going home. By this point in time we are beginning to ask ourselves that question, "Where is home?" We've lived in our travel trailer for 9 months now and home is where our trailer is I guess.

It was great to reconnect with our LaVentana and El Sargento friends again but bitter sweet to bid farewell to Gary and Carleen who have to retrun to the real work a day world back in Revelstoke. We accepted the invitation to camp on Jodi, Mike, Carleen & Gary's property and are revelling in the solitude. No more drag racing, boom box cars or trucks to contend with here. However, Skeena has taken a particular offence to the numerous cow bells that rattle and clank throughout the night around here. She keeps JD awake with her constant growling and rumbling viewing them as the ultimate enemy at the gates. It is truly amazing what these animals subsist on eating anything that remotely resembles food to them and they wander willy nilly wherever they want. Everything is free range to them. Thankfully they are very docile.

Our next plan is to head off on another adventure to Los Cerritos and do some camping over on the Pacific side. That has to be our favourite beach yet for playing in the surf and Susie really appreciates the warmer temperature of the water. However, it probably means we'll have to pick up a boogy board or two to make the frolicking in the waves truly enjoyable.

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