Sunday, January 17, 2010

16 & 17 Jan - Silence is Golden!

Hey Earl, how does this look for our buggy to enter in the Baja?

Los Barriles beach scene.

I love the beach!

I love the beach!

I love the beach!

I love my dad!

And the T-bones are definitely worth it!

After 2 nights sleep at La Trinidad RV Park the question begs to be asked, "Why oh why did we not come here sooner?" It was a busy, busy day yesterday after a trip to Los Barriles, beautiful stores and even more beautiful real estate to check out. It certainly is a buyer's market out there for real estate that is. Too bad we have no money to buy! In our travels JD finally tracked down the wiley illusive yearly fishing license at the local Farmacia after 6 weeks of diligent searching the length and breadth of the Baja. Who knew they sold fishing licenses at the drug store.

After a harrowing trip to El Cardonal we had one community we could cross off the desirable location list for future investment. The newly paved road has been destroyed with recent rains leaving a narrow car width path through some spots. With much more rain it won't be there much longer. This paved road was supposedly done as an improvement to the coastal road which is quite rough gravel. The only good thing you can say for the new road is that it is paved and whatever you do never, never attempt to drive that road after dark!

Los Barriles is quite nice with a very Mediterranean look and feel to the beaches. It is however largely populated with expats from Canada and the US. We topped off the day with a yummy T-bone steak at the RV  restaurant.

Today was spent strolling the beach and enjoying the peace and quiet that we've become quite enamoured with. Of course an afternoon siesta was in order. Thankfully the air conditioning worked as it was a calm wind day today. Maybe JD will try out his new fishing license tomorrow morn.

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