Friday, January 15, 2010

13 & 14 Jan - Touring Cabo and Medano Beach

Some of the boats in the marina leave you wondering what there purpose truly is.

This was an amazing artist creating these paintings with ordinary spray paint and his fingers as brushes.

I don't know about you but I don't think I'd feel to comfortable with a tattoo artist that works at this place!

The design he's creating is individual coloured beads imbedded in bees wax on a wood form, simply beautiful!

Did we happend to mention how much our dog loves the beach?

Medano Beach sunset

We had a rather late start for the day and therefore didn't see all of the highlights of Cabo San Lucas. But it is always worthwhile to stroll the malecon and enjoy the sights and sounds of Cabo. Of course one day proves enough for us. Despite the 2 cruise ships in the harbour the town was very, very quiet. It blew us out of the water to see all of the extremely pricey boats in the marina. It was almost full. Wandering from shop to shop in the markets you couldn't help notice the absence of tourists and the few that were wandering around, like us, weren't spending any money. It is amazing how many lttle stands sell the same thing and are competing for the same dollars/pesos. A quick stop at Tanga Tangas completed the cultural tour. Wild life of the two legged kind was abundant and that seemed to be the only place anyone was spending money. We capped off the evening at Murray and Tracy's condo with pork loin medallions and tequila of course.

We were kinda lazy on the 14th, washed the truck and some clothes and took a sunset walk on Medano Beach. Don't know why we bothered washing the truck. 15 minutes later after a trip to the store the truck was dirtier than it was before. How we found mud in Cabo I'll never figure out. A trip to Medano is always if nothing else entertaining but beautiful especially at sunset.

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