Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 New Years - Baja Style

The evening started innocent enough...but don't they all.

O's version of a cocktail.

A hardy little plant on the beach that happens to look like a Christmas tree.

Here's the proof that we did make it to the lighthouse.

I sit here this morning in a brand new day, year, and after some debate last night - decade. Susie & I started the evening up at Jodi & Mike Benedicts where Big O, Mike, Jim and I had a rousing round of horse shoes and beer while the women discussed women things. Due to the high winds of the afternoon yesterday, horseshoes took longer than usual as the high winds blew our shoes slightly off the pin.

From here we moved to the roundhouse near the campground. Depending on the time of day it is either a yoga studio, restaurant, or bar. It sits on a low bluff above the ocean and looks out across the bay at Cerralvo Island. With the full moon shining brightly it made for a stellar setting. Of course the full moon should have registered some warning bells...but it didn't.

The live band was made up of some of the local dudes and a couple of normal people. Very good music from a loose knit group thrown together at the last minute. The place started hopping around 8 pm which is the normal Baja midnight and most peoples bed time down here. Much dancing and laughing was done and a very fine time was had by all. We finally headed back to camp around 1 am or so which would make it 5 o'clock real time. We were feeling very festivaall at this point. The next morning we are, oh, not feeling so festivaall.

An epic return journey to light house point is planned for Jan 1 for some snorkling, fishing, shell collecting, etc. It is feared that some of the expeditionary members may have contacted malaria during the night as hardy participants seem to be fending off fever and nightmares in thier beds. In fact judging by the condition of the banos (bathrooms) this morning many of the camp seem to be inflicted. The World Health Organization may have to quarantine camp to bring this situation under control. We will report back to you once the expeditionary force is healed up and able to carry on the trek. Best of the New year to all, and remember to take the time to follow your folly.

Expeditionary update: A vastly diminished team (Susie & JD) was sent out on an advanced scouting mission to Lighhouse point. This occured at the crack of noon, giving Susie enough time to sleep off her nightmares and fever. The trip proved a bit of a disappointment as the surf was too high for snorkeling or fishing. And the high tides of the blue moon failed to deliver the Spanish bullion and other treasures as promised. The fresh air did feel good but then we had to return to camp for a nap or should we say siesta.

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