Wednesday, December 30, 2009

28 Dec 09 - It Rained in the Baja today!

This is a classic example of Mexican wiring ingenuity. We're plugged in to this!

Note the bird's nest has electric heating built right in! Also note the CSA approved black electrical tape marrets.

Here's proof that JD does know how to do laundry! There's no dials to worry about with this method and the solar drier works better than an electric tumbler.

We told you Susie was gun shy about having other people do her laundry. Our little tub serves as the washing machine and this tub is to rinse.

Susie started her day by taking in a Yoga class at the Round House which doubles as Yoga studio/restaurant/musician jamming hot spot, etc. Judging by the muscle aches and pains the next day she should have been doing this more consistently. After JD lugged his inflatable boat down to the beach with his newly installed wheels he spent a few hours catching 5 Sierra fish. It took him longer to filet the fish than it did to catch them. Wheels on the boat - good idea - mental note - need bigger wheels and assistant to help launch next time. JD's back not happy the next day.

Today dawned bright and sunny like all the other days down here. So you can imagine our shock when it started raining by 11 am. Not just a sprinkle but heavy rain like back in Revelstoke that carried on for at least 3 to 4 hours. Even some of the vados (dips or depressions) on the roadway were filled with water. This rain storm was indeed a freak experience. In 11 years of coming down here one of our friends has never seen it rain like this at this time of year. We didn't let this deter us though as we're veterans to rain. So we went off exploring to Los Barriles to see if we could scout out a new camp spot. We found a lovely one right on the beach. However we didn't care much for the full-hook up price of $25 US/night. So we'll stay put here in La Ventana for $9/night for a while yet.

Yesterday we said farewell to our campground neighbours, a lovely young couple with 3 energetic children that Skeena loved to be around - small children, dropped food - you get the idea. Georgia their youngest was quite comical with tromping around in all of her family's shoes. It was just too quiet come morning with them gone.

You'll have to excuse the intermitent blogs. The intermitent internet is the culpret. We'll probably talk at you next year. Until then have a fantastic New Years and toast us on the beach listening to the hoot of the resident owls, wind russling through the palm trees and the waves lapping gently on the shore.

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