Sunday, December 13, 2009

13 Dec 09 - Once we were lost but now found

La Paz is a city of over 200,000. With little signage if any getting lost is a real threat.
This is what lost looks like in the middle of the Baja desert.

Watching the windsurfers and kite boarders @ La Ventana is like watching an elaborate dance.

And of course JD & I are always checking out the real estate wherever we are.

Doesn't JD strike a handsome figure in his wet suite? His instructor looked like his long lost son.

And this is what we came here for! Need we say more?

Working our way south from Mulege it was extremely difficult to drive right by Bahia Concepcion. It is a truly spectacular area and reminded us of places in Europe we visited so many years ago. Time will have to be spent there on our way north. Loreto was also a beautiful spot we may have to revisit. Thankfully found a pleasant RV park in Cuidad Constitucion where Skeena met yet another hot blooded Spaniard Lab that thought she was oh so pretty. This community is the gateway to the Bahia Magdelena where numerous whales can be found during mating season. The drive from here to La Paz lived up to the descriptions of it being one of the most boring parts of the Trans-peninsular highway except for the select parts of it that were the narrowest road we have encountered yet. No further damage was INCURRED though - we hope. Got lost within La Paz trying to find the lesser road to La Ventana. Finally found that road, went merrily on our way but got lost again. Have we mentioned the complete lack of signage in Mexico? When we were on the highway that literally ended in the middle of no-where we were forced to turn the trailer around on a single track switch-back. Have we mentioned how long and cumbersome our rig is?

When we finally hit the right road dark was descending rapidly. The Cardinal Sin of driving in Mexico had now been broken. We drove after dark. Define dark. Dark like the inside of a cow dark or that pinky purple color like the sky gets just before you can not see the cow in front of you. All in all it was another adventure to chalk up and we are safe and sound in La Ventana.
Friday morning JD wasted no time in arranging his kite boarding lessons which consists of 3 - 2 hour sessions aimed at giving you a taste of what the sport is all about. The instructor is a very patient man. JD does not make a good student. He's supposed to fly one solo tomorrow - hhmmm we'll have to see.

Another bonus for us today is that we connected with some fellow Revelstokians, Jodi & Mike Bennedict. It was great to connect and have a tour of their new home here. We will definitely share some more laughs and maybe a beer or margarita or 2 as well as some fishing adventures.
The community campground we're in sits right on the beach. It comes with flush toilets and cold and colder running showers. There's no power but fresh drinking water is delivered to your campsite as well as the catch of the day. We had golf ball sized scallops fresh today and have a promise of prawns next Tuesday. Oh yes and we have just discovered the free wifi tonight. All of this for the staggering sum of $ 8 a day. Seeing as we've found our version of paradise for the moment we've decided to stay for a while.

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