Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Dec 09 Pacific to Cortez

And when it says the pavement will end It surely does!

Yes Skeena this is a fish you've never seen before but just as tasty as the northern kind.

Spending a few days at Campo Rene on the Pacific coast was just what we needed to realize why we came here. Walking on the endless silky sandy beach with bare feet is a sensation not to be missed. As you can see from the pictures we had to beat off the crowds - NOT. Estero el Coyote is just north of Laguna San Ignacio and is a safe haven for a variety of fish of which JD made it unsafe. Apparently large grouper are a little much for an 8 wt fly rod. Thankfully the one he hooked dove into the mangroves and broke off. He wasn't sure how he would have landed it anyway. After getting lost in the desert trying to find Estero La Bocana we decided we'd continue our southern journey. The devestation caused by Hurricane Jimica (sp) is very apparent between Santa Rosalita and especially in Mulege. Any low lying areas were smacked with a wall of water, now gone but the silty residue will take a while to digout from under. Continuing south we're not sure where we'll be tonight but will update when we can access wifi again.

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  1. I loved it there at Campo Rene. I could have stayed there much longer. The mangroves are so awesome. We saw coyotes cross the flats early in the morning when the tide was out -- they were looking for breakfast. Did you find some interesting shells? I think I saw B do a little shutter when you mentioned getting a fishing license JD!! LOL C