Friday, December 18, 2009

17 Dec 09 Skeena does the Baja

Being a Baja dog is even better than being a northern BC dog!

I love the beach! I love the beach! I love the beach!

Exploring on the rocks is kinda cool too!

Everthing is okay as long as I get my lap time. The beach chair isn't quite the same as the lazy boy back home but it'll do in a pinch.

And what about my diet you ask. I've been trying all kinds of really interesting foods. I really like crab meat too!

I love you dad!

Dad and I are contemplating base jumping. That's a long ways down!

Someone asked mom how I let them know that I need to stop to do the bathroom thing, do I whine? No way! I'm a retriever. I'm too dignified to whine. It's all in the facial expressions. Mom's really good at reading my eyebrows.

I still have my winter coat in this picture. So pardon me if I look a little plump. I've long since shed that extra coat. With temperatures averaging 26 C I don't need any extra warmth.

In case you have been wondering how I'm enjoying the trip i thought I'd give you the dogs eye view. I haven't cared much for all the driving I've had to do. It was miles and miles of miles and miles of boredom with the odd break for me to check out some really cool places for dogs. You wouldn't believe all the nifty smells everywhere.
I really like exploring in Moab. I didn't even have to have my nails clipped there because running on all the rock filed them down. Let me tell you dogs don't like manicures. For the most part I got to go on most of the adventures except for the anal National Parks people don't like my species.
Mexico is so full of different smells and sound. I can only understand about 200 words of English and now they expect me to learn Spanish. It's so easy to meet these hot blooded Spanish hounds. Of course the universal dog greeting is practised here too. I wish they would at least cool their jets until we've had a few dates.
The beaches are to die for and loaded with all kinds of dead things. I don't understand how a rotting fish carcas can be such a turn off to mom & dad. I'd like to collect them all. After all they collect shells. I'm a little afraid of the waves landing on the beach. However this morning I conquered my fear to go rescue dad when he was snorkelling. I could have sworn he needed my help.

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