Monday, December 21, 2009

20 Dec 09 - Laundry days on the Baja

JD ran to the store for a couple of things. Yes he remembered the milk and the eggs. And yes that is a plastic bag of 6 eggs. You can buy only one of that's all you need.

Susie was running out of clean pantys and seemed adverse to going comando. So, on the recomendations of a trusworthy source we decided to try a freindly Mexican ladies Lavenderia (home laundry). For the second time in our married life (29 years on the 22nd of Dec), has Susie ever entrusted anyone with her laundry. So we dropped the laundry off on Tues morn and in our best Spanish pantomime and the Mexican ladies best English pantomime agreed to pick up the laundry manana (tomorrow). This being Tuesday and manana being Wednesday we headed back to the lavenderia all bright eyed and full of hope on Wed at 4. The business apparently has fairly short hours, but there is hope as we can see our laundry hanging out back just this side of the chicken coop but high enough that the dogs can't quite reach it. This is the last time we were to see our clothes for several days. Thus begins a seemingly endless number of trips to find the lady that is in possesion of Susie's underware. With all hope lost and thoughts of visiting La Ventana's second hand stores to buy our clothing back we finally tracked down the mysterious disappearing laundry lady. Eureca! Clothes for a few more days. Next we will try to get our bedding washed. We may have to share Skeena's sleeping bag for a few nights. As much as she detests it Susie has taken to washin clothes by hand.

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