Friday, December 18, 2009

16 Dec 09 Supply run to La Paz

This is a Mexican furniture mover. At least this one had the load tied down.
Monica Terry & Leif

So we had to make a supply run to La Paz - 45 min away from La Ventana. No problem we know how to get there and back now. Plus JD needed a break from the demon kite. We drove in and around the city like a couple of Mexican pro driving instructors. It's amazing how many streets we've already been on trying to find our way out on previous ventures to that fine city. We looked up our neighbours from the campground who live in La Paz and had a lovely tea session on their roof top palapa that overlooks the Bahia La Paz. Then we picked up the much needed supplies and beat it out of there before it got any hotter.

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