Monday, December 7, 2009

Exploring San Ignacio

Lost track of the day we're on with the adventure - does it really matter? Have spent the last couple of days with cousins Terry and Gary at their San Ignacio B & B. Wifi enabled yurts complete with dune buggy. Does it get any better? They have developed a beautiful oasis here and we've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. Spending the little bit of time in San Ignacio that we have makes us realize how lovely it would be to live here full time. Yesterday was too sweet - sitting in the sun sipping margaritas and munching on shrimp cocktails getting to know some new friends. We hope to catch up with Terry and Gary at Campo Rene tomorrow and try some fishing on the Pacific near Abrejho (sp). JD is saying, "WHAHOO! This is what I came here for!" Hey Bob I still haven't got a fishing license. Want to volunteer to help me? One of our pictures today is of Susie and cousin Terry. We will be incommunicado for a few days while we explore the coast. Don't panic! We'll be back!

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  1. you don't have enough time this winter for me to help you get a fishing licence JD! Campo Rene is a great spot, have fun.