Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fishing in the Baja with new found friends

The catch of the day! My first ever ocean caught fish!

Jodi and her dad, Susie's trusty instructors.

Trust your captain and we did - Jim Kidd!

The feathered peanut gallery patiently waiting for their scraps.

Jim instructing JD on the fine art of fillet while Mike ties the boat down.

Both of us have been fortunate to be able to go out fishing with our new friends. This fishing is somewhat different than the gentle past time of casting a fly that JD is used to on the rivers of BC. It involves ripping around willy nilly at a speed just short of water skiing dragging a plastic thingy designed to look like a squid on drugs. Various colours are used to try and entice the fish to strike. The quid thingy skips along just above and under the surface and the takes can be quite explosive depending on the size and type of the fish. The conquered species these 2 outings was mostly Sierra which happens to be an awesome eating fish both fresh and smoked. Everything in the ocean has teeth which JD found out the hard way when a little baby halibut tried to nip his finger off.

On the Sea of Cortez you have to plan on an early start, 7 am or earlier, and be off the water by 11 am or 12 at the latest as the wind comes up and will blow you right off the water. This is when the demon kites blossom in the air and become the favoured sport of the afternoon. Susie's catch proved to be the largest Sierra caught between the 2 days we've been out so far. It is a sweet victory as it's her first ocean catch ever. JD finally got the wheels on his Zodiac so we'll be spending more time on the water although one can only eat so much fish or stuff so much in the freezer. Thankfully there are enough people around to share it with. There are some really cool beaches that we can now access with the boat for shell hunting and fishing.
As it is already Christmas Eve we conclude this missive with Merry Christmas wishes to everyone. May this season bring you love, joy, grace and peace. May it also be a time when you reflect on your lives and be thankful for the bountiful blessings you have. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night until we resume our irregularly scheduled programming.


  1. Can you get those on a spey rod????

    If so I'm on my way


    PS Great speaking to you today even if it did sound like you were on the moon, Merry Christmas from the great white north