Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 24 - 2 to 5 Dec 09

We headed south from Ensenada on our way through some lush farm country that continues to accent the fact that if you have water you can have everything in this land. Of course there was some dry desolate and dirty countryside and towns but this is Mexico. Our first night after Ensenada was a little off the beaten track on Bahia San Quintan @ a little resort hanging on by the skin of its teeth. I called it 'Fast Eddie's'. Walking Skeena in Mexico will obviously be a challenge. She must be the Sophia Loren of the dog world as every Mexican male dog flocks to her like a magnet. The spectacular display of cacti fascinates us so we had to stop and take a few pictures. JD discovered just how deadly the points of the Yucca plant are when one jumped out and bit him. Skeena spends her days on the road panting her doggy breath all over us with the occasional nap. I still can't shake the image of her sitting smack in the middle of the back seat, front paws spread widely apart and watching every pitch and turn when we climed up to Hurrah Pass around Moab. She is turning into quite the intrepid traveller living for the times that we stop and she can burn around with total abandon in the sand like a puppy.
San Quentin to Santo Rosalilita was where we had our first major misadventure. The wretched wind has continued to haunt us and ended up working against us when we met a transport, had a big wind gust, and hit a leaning cement road marker post with the back support arm of the awning. The big bang made us think we'd blown a tire until Susie noticed the cement post we'd hit cascading into the weeds. Stopping to take a look at the damage created an instant garage for some little Mexican fellow with a flat tire and no tools to change it. JD had to fix his flat before our dilema could be solved. While JD bungee strapped what was left of the awning to the trailer Susie walked back the 500 meters to pick up the pieces of the support arm. This was no call for duct tape. As bad as it is, it could have been a lot worse. With a little Mexican ingenuity and a few parts it will come back together.
We stopped for the night on the beach at Santa Rosalalita where we met up with more BC travellers - some surfers from Victoria. After helping them out of a pinch because their camp stove calved on them they envited us over for a few beers. Imagine how beautiful it was to sit on the beach listening to the rolling waves laughing and sharing stories - in English - with fellow travellers. We both just love the people that cross your paths when travelling. After a beautiful walk along the beach in the morning the wind blew us out of there. The sand blasting we endured gives a whole new meaning to a skin peel.
So at last we're in San Ignacio! It is a veritable oasis in the desert complete with healthy groves of palm trees. The area was hit hard by a hurricane earlier this year and evidence of damage is still present. However, at the Ignacio Springs B & B they are back up to speed missing only one of the rental yurts. Connecting with long lost cousins is very sweet indeed. Terry and Garry are excellent hosts and getting to know one another is very rewarding. Exploring the area is a must and on the agenda for the next few days.

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  1. You are no longer novices on the "road to Baja"! Now you are true diehards that can relax and enjoy the trip. Funny it was our awning that got hit too. Need to design some flush ones. Sounds like you are having a great trip. Have a safe one. C