Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas in the Baja

Didn't I tell you every fish in the Baja had teeth!

We spotted a great white shark!

Sipping tea Christmas morning.

Traditional Christmas morning tarantula.

Mexican grader. Future RCFC cost saving measure.

JD started off Christmas morn with what may become the newest tradition - snorkeling on Christmas day. It was all fun and games until he swam through a big ball of puffer fish and jelly fish. Thankfully he only recieved 3 small hits from the jelly fish. Let me assure you Neil that no jelly fish were harmed. After snorkeling we went exploring the beach at lighthouse point. Everyone would be envious of how large our shell collection is getting. Skeena still does not understand why we won't let her have a collection of dead stuff too like the 3 carcasses of needle fish. Her new favourite phrase she's added to her vocabulary is, "Want to go to the beach?" This phrase ranks right up near the top with, "Want some banana?"

Because everyone else down here is in the same situation as us - away from family and friends & old traditions - we draw together forging new friendships and establishing new Baja traditions for the Christmas season. We are so thankful to be welcomed by the new friends here. A lot of these people have been coming here for years and didn't hesitate to welcome us into their fold. Caroling on the beach while the waves gently rolled in on Christmas Eve was a truly unique experience. Luscious pot luck dinners which included the traditional turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce plus numerous other delectable dishes were enjoyed by all. Susie discovered a new pie recipe that will definitely become tradition for Christmas on the B aja - Margarita Pie. Who knew you could put Tequila in a pie and make it taste so good! And Yvonne it is 'dead easy'! I'll share when we get home.

Thank God for the internet with Skype and MSN video which made it bearable to be away from our loved ones. We felt like we were on an episode of the cartoon show "The Jetson's". It makes all the difference when you can see those you love when you're talking to them. All in all it was a stretch to get into the Christmas spirit with no snow, no skiing, and no frigid temperatures...but we're not complaining. We hope your Christmas was as enjoyable as ours was.

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