Saturday, January 23, 2010

23 Jan 2010 - Weekly recap

'Takin my ass back home!' We came across this truck loaded with a donkey in the Sorianna supermarket parking lot. What can you do but take a picture and laugh.

This happens to be one of JD's all time favourite birds. We've managed to see quite a few of them down here.

This is a beautiful design under glass on a coffee table.

We believe this is a White eared hummingbird.

Another little hummer that stopped just long enough to have its picture taken.

No this isn't our entertainment for the evening but one of the fascinating sculptures around La Trinidad RV Park and Restaurant.

Let's quickly recap the last few days. On Tues morn JD went fishing and tried to sink the truck in the ocean when pulling his boat out. The old Mexican guy who gave me a hand thought it was pretty oh not so much. In the afternoon we went for a walk on the beach to exercise the dog. No we can never tire of those walks on the beach.

Wednesday called for a journey to San Jose to pick up our parts from Wahoo RV and Murray and Tracy who were going to spend a few days with us @ La Ribera. You recall the awning bracket meets highway post at high speed incident and the swerve to miss traffic pilon cone and oncoming traffic but still managed to clean off the black water dump valve gate on said pilon incident? So far we still have both mirrors on the truck but I digress. Murray and Tracy and all the parts arrived back in La Ribera safe and sound.

Thurs we piled into the truck and went to Los Barriles for the day to check out the town and have a great lunch. We even looked at some property and stuff. Loads of fun to dream! Most of the communities down here are presently finding themselves way overbuilt but prices have yet to start coming down. It amazes me what people have built as a second home in a foreign country. It seems that every second house is for sale but asking prices are still out to lunch. Los Barriles is a funky little town of expats on quads, boats, wind-surfers and kite boards.

Friday we went to a new beach and went for a flotsam and jetsam walk. Tracy was pleased with her spoils. A picnic lunch on the beach out of the wind followed. this was another great day as no-one worked, no-one got sunburned or hurt but everyone enjoyed themselves. We delivered Murray and Tracy to the side of the highway/bus stop in hopes that they could catch the bus back to San Jose. If nobody hears from them in the next month or two, I think they're in Los Cuevos.

We had planned to move to Los Barriles today, Saturday, but spent the day installing the new RV parts, catching up on laundry, catching up on our blog, emails, naps, etc. There's always Manana to move camp.

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