Thursday, February 25, 2010

Heading North - EIYEE!

Bahia Balandra located north of La Paz

Tecolate also north of La Paz

The view from Villa Pairaso where we had our last supper in La Ventana

This is for you mom. Hibiscus grow like a weed down here.
Not sure of the name of this one - help me out mom!

Check out the blooms on the tubby tree.

More pretty flowers for my mom.

It was with sadness that we bid farewell to our new found friends in La Ventana/El Sargento yesterday and started our journey northward. We spent many an hour contemplating life under the palms in those beautiful communities trying to figure out how to make this a regular thing in our lives. The perfect balance would be to spend 8 months down here and 4 months in Canada. Don't panic mom! This isn't a reality...yet. Of course the biggest obstacle would be in financing such an adventure. JD keeps telling me, "Don't throw obstacles up for us! Just think of ways we can make it happen." My hubby the great philosopher. But you know, there is some merit to what he says. How many people do you know out there that stagnate in their daily lives because they are afraid to take a chance, step out of the main stream or the boat, get off the repetitive treadmill and just DO IT?

We went out to Peurto Adolfo Lopez Mateos on Bahia Magdalena today looking at going to go on a whale hunt - pictures and things. What were you thinking? Apparently there aren't many whales out there right now because the water temperature is too cool in the Pacific. This strikes us as strange because the Sea of Cortez has been unseasonably warm for this time of year. If we're going to spend $75 US on a whale trip we'd expect to actually see whales. Hopefully by the time we get up to Bahia San Ignacio we will have better luck on a whale hunt (watching of course-what were you thinking). We were saddened to view how incredibly poor the community appears to be (Mateos). It was hammered with the last couple of hurricanes and is obviously still trying to recover. They are prepared to service hoards of tourists but the tourists just aren't here this year. Where is everybody? We're here!

After a couple of nights at the Missiones RV park in Constitucion we are headed north and back over to the Sea of Cortez side. Peurto Escondito or Loreto will be a stopping off point for tomorrow night. Adios until then.

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