Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cousins From San Ignacio to Ensenada

Cousin Terry in San Ignacio
Desert flower

The Century plant - blooms once in its lifetime - then dies.

Who says cactus aren't beautiful?

Roadside flowers

Sunrise on the Sea of Cortez - Sunset on the Pacific

Our good friends Richard and Cindy from Ensenada

We left San Ignacio and bid farewell to our new found family with promises that we will reconnect in the future. We're sure we have many more stories and laughs to share. The drive from there was yet another in a study of contrasts between stark desert and lush countryside. The recent winter rains have left there mark with the abundant fields of beautiful flowers, lush roadside greenery and evidence of washed out bridges. Whole sections of bridges lay in the creek bottom reminding us of the power of Mother Nature. River beds that were bone dry when we headed south still have a flow of water in them now after the rainstorms of a month ago. Work is progressing everywhere repairing the damage. It is very impressive to note that although heavy machinery is used in some applications there is still a huge amount of work done with manual labour.

We took a side trip into Bahia  de Los Angeles. It was like our final farewell to the Sea of Cortez. The town just didn't have any real appeal to us but the area to and from was gorgeous as were the grand sweeping beaches and plenty of off shore islands. Discovering a gas station in the town was a thankful relief as the tank was near empty.

Our evening ended on an expansive beach in San Quintin where we were fortunate to meet up with some more friendly travellers, a couple from Los Angeles and another from Kamloops. They were both headed to Ensenada the next day as were we. So we all agreed to meet at the Estero Beach Resort which happens to be the nicest RV park we've stayed in on the Baja. It's also the most expensive @ $33/night US for full hook up. But it is so lovely and quiet situated on a spit of land away from the bussle and noise of the city. They claim there are over 600,000 people living in Ensenada which is easy to believe.

Susie went on an adventure the other day with Richard and Cindy to the orphanage her cousins Darrell and Maureen minister at in Uruapan just south of Ensenada. It was an eye opening experience leaving her wanting to participate more. It is a breathtakingly beautiful area where the mission is working through God's direction.

Tomorrow morning we leave for the US border the earlier the better as we were invaded by a 15 unit caravan that has the same plan of leaving in the morn. This is the largest caravan we've witnessed all winter down here and they are Canadian based out of Vancouver. There's even a couple from Revelstoke in it. Although our adventure will continue the focus will change as it is now a sprint for home.
Cousins Darrell and Maureen in Uruapan, just south of Ensenada

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