Monday, March 8, 2010

Exploring Mulege

Love the architecture - circa 1910.

I love the boganvilla!

Awe! Come on dad give me your hat!

Chili cook-off in the Mulege plaza.

These junior firemen had the best tasting chili as far as we were concerned.

This one escaped the pot!

Of course the beer garden was poplular - just like back home!

Some of the friends we're clammed up when they arrived at the party but after a little steam they opened up and proved to be quite popular.

If you've been to Mulege you know what a picturesque setting it is. Being located on a river estuary it has plentiful palm trees and beauty or it did have before the rain of the last two hurricanes blazed a path to the ocean. Mulege today is not the same as it was say ten years ago. But it is the indomitable spirit of the people that live here that you have to admire whether Spanish or English speaking. Signs of rebuilding are all around and it is reclaiming its beauty. However the For Sale signs are plentiful too.

The sense of community surrounds you whether it's walking down the street kibitzing with the vendors trying to sell you T-shirts, blankets, pottery, etc. or roaming around the chili cook-off yakking with all the gringos. It continues to warm our hearts and we thoroughly enjoy how a bunch of like minded people can be thrown together in a foreign country and fall into such warm friendships. We are all united in our love of the Baja and the Mexican people. So, not only is Skeena collecting friends wherever she goes so are we. After our trip to the chili cook-off yesterday we took a spin to our favourite clamming beach and had a big enough hall of clams to host another impromtu dinner party Baja style. We both really like this style of informal entertaining!

Speaking of Skeena, she is still struggling along with a very pronounced limp. We're giving her glucosamine/condroitin and hoping this will help. She's eating normally and is still happy and perky so maybe it just needs time to heal. Meanwhile she's livin the dream along with us.

We're pulling up the anchor from Playa El Coyote tomorrow and spending a night in town at an RV resort - housekeeping things like flushing the tanks and doing laundry. you know what it's like when you live in your RV? Then we're headed to San Lucas Cove, north of Mulege, for a day or two to check out the fishing and beach combing there.

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