Sunday, March 14, 2010

Desert Rambles

Standing on the foundation of a famous generals once beautiful home.

Mission San Ignacio with the oasis in behind.

These looked like perfect little watermelon but I wouldn't try eating them!

We told you everything has prickles in Mexico.

Palo Adan flower.

Pretty white flower

Pretty purple flowers

JD under the Joshua tree - pretty red flower!

We were off to an early start by Baja standards this morning. Well if you consider 9:30 early. We decided to finish the walk we had started yesterday but was interupted by the dog rescue. It was a short jaunt up and across the butte that stands above San Ignacio town. Due to the unseasonal rains of late the desert has come alive with blossoms of all different size and colour. We've slowly been identifying various trees and plants of the desert and are enjoying this almost as much as the bird watching. Is this a sign of age creeping up on us?

As we've stated before everything in the desert has a thorn or a bite. Susie found out the hard way that even some of the flowers have prickles.

The view from the butte over the oasis is yet another study in the contrasts of the Baja. The vista looks over the oasis of lush palm forest. It is a stark contrast to the arid desert you stand on at the top of the butte. But it is all so very beautiful and intriguing. We're heading north tomorrow, not sure how far we'll make it.

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