Thursday, March 4, 2010

Island Hopping

Birds of a feather.

The illusive Blue Footed Boobies.

Brown Boobies

Bummin around with our friends.

Sea slug anyone?

Playa El Coyote is a white sand beach full of awesome people, some of whom have camped here for many years. Once you’ve been here a couple of nights the real world fades away like a shooting star on a Baja night. It was an exceptional day of discovery leap frogging from island to island and beach to beach collecting friends as we went. Each beach has its own unique character with treasures to be unearthed. One beach may have unusual shell collecting. The next is a bird sanctuary where we spotted, Brown Boobies, Cormorants, a Tri-coloured Heron, various sea gulls, Brown Pelicans, and a colony of the illusive Blue Footed Boobies. The final beach stopping off point was a veritable gold mine of clams. As we approached the beach we were curious as to the posture of the inhabitants. They stood thigh deep in water, arms buried up to their pits, butts in the air, combing the bottom for clams. It reminded us of a hockey game where someone loses a contact. It didn’t take us long to assume the same posture combing for clams. Or as our American friends say, “Catching Crawdads”! Susie felt like we were all a bunch of overgrown kids playing hooky from school enjoying the moment. Some of the more adventurous donned their snorkel gear and dove down for the chocolate clams which were about 5-6 feet deep. All in all this was a capital way to spend a day in the Baja sunshine exploring new territory and making more wonderful friends.

Remember those clams we helped dig up? Well they spawned an impromptu beach party for about 20 of us back at Playa El Coyote. It was a yummy happy hour/dinner for many of us socializing around a pot of freshly steamed clams. We now know how to cook fresh clams and it’s ‘dead easy’. After yesterdays experience we’re not convinced ‘clams have legs’. A lovely cap to the evening was a viewing of some very unique footage of an octopus on an off shore island as well as numerous sting rays doing their thing in the crystal clear water. An added bonus to this camping spot is having our own resident naturalist to explain the finer details of the marine animal and bird habitat native to this area.

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