Thursday, March 4, 2010

Loreto to Play El Coyote

Farmer's Market extraordinaire in Loreto.

We know this looks like 'lost in Mexico' but we actually knew where we were going, to another beautiful beach.

See, we told you. Isn't this another beautiful beach?

Hacienda courtyard hotel.

Should we camp here?

Or should we camp here? Yea! Let's camp here!

And here we are - 'Home Sweet Home' - on Playa El Coyote. We just have to watch out for high tide!


If Susie's not feeding the dogs or cows she's feeding the sea birds.

Ahhhh! This means it must be happy hour!

Did we already tell you how enjoyable Loreto was? Let’s just say that it is a place to be revisited time and again. There is a fantastic farmers market held in the big Arroyo (dry creek bed) every Sunday where you can buy everything such as; cookies, empanadas, huge pieces of fried pork rind (a Mexican delicacy so we’re told) fresh sea food, live or dead goats, locally grown fresh fruit & vegetables, used or new clothing, jewellery, tires or other car parts, etc. (lots of stuff you’d never see in the Revelstoke or Smithers Farmers Market). It goes on all day and you could wander through visiting and buying until your heart was content. But there was exploring to do.

After a trip south to Nopolo we realize that some developers have no scruples and deserve to have gone bankrupt in the recent recession. In contrast to beautiful, historic Loreto, this is a planned community built around a gorgeous golf course but put us in mind of a company town run-a-muck in pastel colours. The area is so far over built they’ll be hard pressed to sell all of the sardine type condos by the year 2020. Where you would park your car let alone a boat is a big mystery. To shake the funk that shrouded us after this viewing we visited a deserted beach (yes, another one) on the Sea of Cortez, where JD braved the cool water for another snorkel. He was minding his own business when he had the distinct feeling he was being watched. A couple of eyes were burning holes in his undersides from the sand, 3 feet below. When he noticed the barb on Mr. Stingray’s tail snorkelling lost its luster and he headed for the beach, JD that is. So we spent our final night at Loreto Shores RV Park listening to the roosters and guard dogs compete for audio attention.

Driving north along the snakes back road that hugs the Sea of Cortez we were definitely reminded of the Mediterranean. Maybe you can’t tell by the pictures but it is some drop dead gorgeous country. Our destination was a little cove where some of our camping friends were headed, El Coyote. If you’ve ever wanted to live on the ocean this would be a great place to try it out for size. The tide is very insignificant which allows us to be pretty much on the edge of the water. We think we’ve found our version of Baja paradise.

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