Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rescuers Down Under

We walked into town following the old, very old, aqua duct first installed for the Jesuits use many years ago. It was a picturesque ramble through the palm forest where the trail hugs the base of the butte. The contrast is there yet again. On one side you've got frogs and water skeeters and on the other scorpions and geckos. Our walk was interupted by an unpleasant scene. A half grown, fluffy white pup was tangled up in a 10 foot hunk of barb wire. On first approach he appeared ferocious. As ferocious as a Pekicockashitzapoo can be. As it turns out the barb wire kept him anchored to the spot being wound around a tree and woven through his fur and skin. We realized it would take wire cutters to free him or else it wouldn't be long before he starved to death. So we trucked on into town and stopped at the only locals place we knew. Thankfully, Juanita gladly lent us a pair of side cutters and a pair of leather gloves to subdue the 12 lbs of white fluff ball with teeth.

Back at the scene of the hostage taking our little canine friend quickly submitted when he realized our intent was to help him. Susie donned the safety gear - leather gloves - and put the gleep on him while JD manned the wire cutters. Obviously the dog spoke Spanish and we don't but he seemed to understand the universal language of compassion. He licked us profusely as we were working on him. After being freed from his prison he pranced down the trail to town sticking close to our heels. Once we got to town he trucked off as if he knew where he was going with nary a backwards glance at us. We returned the gloves and side cutters to Juanita's doorstep but as it was siesta time didn't have a chance to speak with her. Then we walked home thinking that was the end of our rescue story.

Over a wonderful dinner later that day at Ignacio Springs Bed & Breakfast - did I mention that Terry is my cousin - we heard the rest of our rescue story. It seems that the dog showed up back on Jaunitas doorstep where guests of my cousin's B & B had gone to visit. They assumed the dog belonged there and let it into the courtyard. The last they saw of it Jaunita was escorting it to the shower and was delicately trimming the barb wire out of its hair and hide.

The next morning curiosity got the better of us and we stopped by Casa Leree, Jaunita's B & B, to check on our canine friend. He was enjoying the hospitality of Jaunitas lap as she continued the shearing of his now clean but matted coat. As soon as he heard our voices he leapt from her lap and whimpered and wiggled in recognition of his rescuers. He didn't calm down till Susie scooped him up in her arms wher he promptly tried to slather her with kisses. While we reonnected with our furry friend Jaunita's housekeeper phoned her friend who is more than willing to adopt him. Now isn't that just the best damn feel good story you've heard all day?

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