Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 1 - 9 Nov 09

It actually stopped raining and we awoke to sunshine peeking through the clouds. We left Revelstoke @ 8:30. We're over staffed and underway! Mexico here we come! But what is with the perpetual wind that keeps following us? Ha! Ha! we have a bigger truck now and it can't bug us. It howled at us all the way to Penticton but didn't push us around like when we had the Toyota. Skeena was very nervous about being left behind and we had to reasure her that she was making the journey with us.

Did you know that most RV parks in the Okanagan shut down before 9 Nov? Well we didn't know that. So, we pulled into Walmart in Penticton and called it a day. Yes, we've joined the many throngs that have travelled before us to camp in the Walmart parking lot.

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