Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 14 Leaving Moab

It was hard to break away from Moab with so much left unexplored. Oh well we'll just have to go back there again and maybe again. Well, an early start was desired but it didn't happen that way. We pulled out of Moab around 10 am after flushing the anti-freeze out of the water lines. Just when we thought the scenery couldn't get any more spectacular we reached Monument Valley. It's a shame the light was so poor and pictures just don't do justice to the panorama. You can certainly understand why the Navajo hold these lands sacred. So we continued our drive onward and ended the day in Flagstaff. We were to tired to fix our own dinner so we hit the local culinary hot spot of Mary's Cafe. JD had his first experience with Chicken Fried Steak which isn't chicken at all. Given the amount of gravy Americans eat with all their meals it's no wonder they're worried about health care reform. I think it's a gravy manufacturer's conspiracy to suppress health care in the states. Here's some 60 American kilometres per hour pictures for your perusing pleasure. Oh yeah, and to add insult to injury we now have a water pump that blows instead of sucks like it's supposed to. Us and pumps just don't seem to be agreeing on this journey.

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