Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 7 - 15 Nov 09

So....spending the night at a truck stop may seem like a good idea but not if you actually want a full nights sleep. Combine that with being sandwiched in like sardines and you are the littlest one of the bunch, motors running all night long, trucks coming and going, etc. Susie wore her earplugs, JD didn't. Susie slept okay, JD didn't. suffice it to say we were on the road by 4 am. Cruised through Salt Lake City around 5:30 am which was a good thing as the 6 lanes of traffic could have been interesting during rush hour. Did you know the roads are nearly deserted at that time of day? Coming through the Wasatch Mountains, in the dark, in a snow storm, pulling a travel trailer, was a bit of a white knuckle experience but we made it. Should have taken pictures of the Wasatch but it was dark and snowing!
Stopped at Price, Utah around 7:30 for a Sunday buffet brunch - didn't know it was Sunday. Travelling southeast out of Provo we found ourselves in very different terrain with table top mesas and wide open valleys and beautiful orange/red rock everywhere. We made it to Moab @ lunch time and our first stop was a hose your own rig car wash. Should have taken the before and after pictures as I've never seen such muck encrusted snow and red mud on any of our vehicles before.
We've paid for 2 nights @ the Portal RV Resort & will venture out on mountain bikes from here. Moab is such a spectacular setting and has been one of our ultimate destinations on this trip. Sorry JD couldn't ski with you today around Revy Keith but Moab begs to be discovered.
The picture on the left is one of the views outside our campsite looking towards the La Sal Mountains. The one on the right was as we were approaching Moab.

Well, Skeena may not be able to ask the ultimate question that a child would, "Are we there yet?" but we think her look sums it up anyway. She's just glad to be here with us is all.

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