Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 3 - 11 Nov 09 Oregon

We awoke to cloudy, rainy weather that dogged us most of the day. Kinda hard to take after the gorgeous first 2 days we had for our travels. We both thoroughly enjoyed our side trip to the Pendleton Woolen Mill complete with a tour of the factory - a totally fascinating history and process. JD almost convinced me we needed a king sized wool blanket (absolutely beautiful) but opted for me to make more quilts instead. We were warned that the hill climb out of Pendleton through the Blue Mountains was arduous. Although it was a 6 - 7% grade for about 30 miles it proved no problem for 'The Loper' as we just chugged right along. Thankfully the outside temperature hovered around 2 degrees Celcius the whole way as any colder would have meant snow - and plenty of it the way it was raining. We travelled through some very grand country with tons of agriculture evident and irrigation systems that must have cost tons of money to install/maintain. We ended our day at the Boise-Meridian RV Park in ID an oasis in a land of closed RV parks. I think we'll stay a couple of nights and check out some of the outlet stores around Boise. Did you know there are around a million people living in this area? Neither did we but now you know.

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