Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 2 - 10 Nov 09 Washington

We cruised through the entire state of Washington. Going through the border was a piece of cake. Always remember to take your sun glasses off! They like to see the whites of your eyes. Skeena was very calm and casually turned to look at the border guard. The guard exclaimed, "Oh! Is that a pet? I thought it was a stuffed animal it was sitting so quiet!" We sure laughed at that as most of you can remember how squirley Skeena used to be. We were totally amazed at the contrast between agriculture in BC to just over the border in WA. The density of developed vineyards and orchards through Oliver & Osooyos astounded us. But it all ended as soon as we hit the border. It wasn't until we were much further into Washington that the agriculture was prevalant again.

We decided to take a little side trip in to see the Grand Coulee Dam as neither of us has ever witnessed the dam on the Columbia River that effectively decimated the fisheries on that once magestic river. It is a marvel of engineering considering it was completed in 1941.

We decided to call it quits for the night and made a brief inquiry at the local version of Trailer Park Boys meets Deliverance RV emporium and quickly beat a hasty retreat down the road where the pregnant mama wasn't screaming at her drunk boyfriend while cramming a giant cookie in her mouth. (Yes TJ that is a run-on sentence.) We bedded down in Stanfield OR. Mental note to self - stop before dark.

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