Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 13 - Flats Again!

This slightly hazy day began with fixing a flat on JD's bike in the campground before the start of the day. No problem we have the tools and JD has the technology to fix it. Then off to the Moab Brand trails was the plan. Susie was just out of sight of the truck when the second flat of the day was discovered. This time her rear wheel was toast. A realization occured to us that cacti have legs and can crawl out on the trail. So not only are you watching the dips and bumps you are proceeding "verrwwy, verrwwy, quietwwy" past all cacti. After both of us tried to get the new 'sucking' pump to blow we gave up and walked back to the truck again. If I ever meet one of the Crank brothers I'm going to whack him in the side of his head with a pump that actually blows! So off to town it was to exchange the sucking pump for a blowing one and more patches. Back to the Moab Brand trails and a very enjoyable ride ensued with no futher disruptions to our day. We're leaving Moab tomorrow to head towards Monument Valley. We'll post again when we have access to Internet.

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