Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 9 - Get your Arches here

So we've officially been on the road for 9 days now and Beaker hasn't had much to say. So I'd thought I'd do a little recap of what has happened in the last little while. Not as organized as Susie you see. I fished for about a week and a half before we left Smithers. Then it got cold and it snowed and we couldn't leave. Finally made it to Revelstoke to get our ---t together. Upon leaving it felt like snow. Spent a night in a Walmart parking lot - I say this must be on everyone's 'to do' list before they die. We went to Boise to see big box outdoor stores and quilt shops, well JD mostly outdoors stores and Susie quilt shops. It kind of freezing snow rained in Boise before we left. Spent the night in a circle J flying something truck stop. You stand out in one of these places while wearing Birky's and fleece! After that it was through Salt Lake, over the Wasatch in the dark in a snow storm over to Moab. I'm not one given to many pronouns but Moab is, well it's a 'swell' place. So yesterday we went biking and today we went hiking in Arches National Park another 'swell' place. There now that I've caught you up we'll try to stay more current in the future.

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