Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 10 - This Hurrahs for U

Started out the day with the intentions of making it to the quilt shop and seeking out some of the petroglyphs in the area. You know, just a short little jaunt. Made it home about 4 hours later after making it to the top of Hurrah Pass. This is a drive not normally recomended for a stock 3/4 ton Chevy long box with a zodiac boat and motor in the back. From the top of the pass you can look over one side to the Colorado River and across the valley to Dead Horse Point State Park. It's really unfortunate that you can't get the depth of field in the pictures to show how far up we travelled or the narrow winding goat path that we were on. This is not a trip for the weak of heart. No mom you definitely would not enjoy this drive. However this worked out better than the second part of the day.

After a lunch stop at the Travelaire Hilton we set off for a quick little bike ride that had the potential to turn into an epic. It was supposed to be a short little ride to burn off the cobwebs of the day. Nothing serious. Of course once we got going, one trail lead to another and when we were about as far away from the truck as we could get. Susie's trusty steed through a shoe. Yes, her front tire went completely flat. Day light hours being of the essence we decided to hoof it back to the main trail before we attempted to fix it. The new fangled, compact pump sucked instead of blew. Did you know that it is much more enjoyable to jog across the desert without towing your mountain bike that has a flat tire? Keep in mind that when darkness falls on the desert it does so with rapidity. Of course those awesome headlamps we posses are in a box in Revelstoke. Obviously we made it out and with enough time to stop by the Poison Spider Bike shop to get patched up in readiness for our adventure tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are riding our mountain bikes to the quilt shop.

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