Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 6 - Brigham City Utah

It was a beautiful, sunny, blue bird day as we bid farewell to Boise. A brief little side trip to the Malad River Gorge was inspiring - well detailed geoligical history as well as human history.
It's a rather different experience having the wind at our backs for a change and we fully appreciate the use of the wind turbines that are scattered throughout the area - an obvious sign that the wind blows pretty constantly in the area. It is a unanimous decision that we have to return and explore more of Idaho but we'll do it in warmer seasons. The temperature has hovered around 0 to -3 all day and we just hate to admit when the weather man is right. We are experiencing snow flurries today. Sunshine is predicted for the next few days. Hopefully he's right about that as well.
The accents keep catching us up. While fueling up in Heyburn a local asked JD, "Y'all goin sumplace warrrm?" When one shop keeper commented on my accent I replied, "I don't have an accent, you do!" We both laughed at that. I don't know, they call Monatana 'Big Sky Country' but I think Idaho has some pretty awesome sky as is depicted in some of our pictures.
We couldn't resist adding this last picture. Does wilderness camping get any better than this? This is a step up from Walmart camping as we have access to hot showers, restaurant food, gas and wifi here. After the 3 nights of deluxe accomodation we figured we'd better balance out with the odd night in places like this.

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