Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 16 - 23 Nov 09 Jeep Envy!

Quartzite was the biggest flea market we've ever been to! you had your bargain basement sell outs of everything imaginable and we didn't even go to the Antique and Collectibles sites. They are slowly getting geared up for when all the big shows start happening in January. What impressed us most were all the rocks, gems and beads. Of those there are plenty and Susie managed to make a few purchases. What was also interesting to note was the number of people dry camping for miles and miles all around Quartzite some way out in the desert. Apparently there is a combined water and sewer truck that visits each of the campers delivering sewer and sucking water or something. it would be a neat place to visit with a quad, dirt bike or Jeep and spend some time poking around in the desert. This brings us to JD's severe Jeep envy. We've included a smattering of pictures to show the variety of such we have seen.

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