Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 8 - 16 Nov 09 Discovering Moab

What an incredible treasure trove of places to explore! Dead Horse State Park has a tragic story behind it's name for all you horse lovers out there of which I am one. An easy 4.2 mile bike ride today showed us spectacular viewpoints of only one of many parks in this area. Thankfully we were able to turn Skeena loose on the trails and we think she enjoyed the panoramic vistas as much as we did. Susie had an interesting chat with a Canyonlands National Park warden. Did you know that your pets - not even gorgeous spoiled Golden Retrievers that think and act like your little girl - are not welcome in the National Parks in the USA? Well, you can have them on a 6 foot leash tied to your picnic table in the campground or walk them on that 6 foot leash on a paved trail or road but heaven forbid you should take them on a trail! However, we will respect those rules and will take in the National Parks but leave the poochy to rest and recuperate in the Travelaire home base as there are so very many places begging for us to explore. We took so many more pictures than what are depicted here. How do you choose which pictures to post? They're all so awe inspiring!

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  1. Wow! You are in one of our favourite spots. When we explored Arches we realized that the Flintstones were not as original as we thought. Love to follow your blog and live vicariously through you. I think that you missed a terrific windstorm at home though, at least Sorrento was blasted. C