Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 4 - 12 Nov 09 Boise

We started our day with a short workout in the exercise room and a swim in the pool right after - services paid for might as well enjoy them. We could get used to this decadence! We then wandered off to find the Sierra Trading Post outlet store. What a treasure trove of deals to wander through but you did have to know your prices even there. Then we ventured across town to peruse the Cabelas outlet store. What a fascinating discovery of all things outdoors to do with hunting, fishing, boating, you name it. And lots and lots of camo everywhere including TP! Susie wanted to buy some Red Neck wind chimes for a certain young man back home but decided it would be more economical to make them - tin cans painted with the words Beer and Beans on them. It was nice to be stationary for a day and we're sure Skeena appreciated a break from the truck as well. No pictures today as Susie left the SD card for her camera in the computer. It was nice to see some sunshine here today. This really is beautiful country with wide open spaces. We've met some really nice people as well - a shop keeper that thought Susie had an Irish accent and a waitress that just knew we weren't from around here.


  1. The difference between "redenck windchimes" and windchimes, is that you hang windchimes, and "redneck windchimes" just roll around on your deck/addition. I already have at least a dozen of said windchimes. Cheers Mom and Dad.

  2. We didn't think you'd catch the reference. Ha! Ha! Glad to see you're actually reading our blog.

  3. Hola Amegos, looks like you are having a great time, can't wait to see you south of the boarder. Adios Cindy aka Mama Ensenada